Why a Wedding in Guernsey at La Grande Mare?

Guernsey is Leah’s home, the place she grew up and it just made sense that we would choose to have a Wedding in Guernsey. The ceremony will be at Leah’s grandpa’s church where her grandpa will marry us and then onto La Grande Mare. In the grounds of LGM, the reception will take place in a sperry tent so we could completely dictate the look and feel. Being by the sea is one of our favourite things, so Guernsey couldn’t be a better place. Ben fell in love with Guernsey the first time he visited, the slow pace is a million miles away from Dubai.

Why did you choose Rolling Film to capture your La Grande Mare Wedding?

We saw your showreels online and love how your approach isn’t traditional or cheesy/staged. You capture the couples perfectly and knew your were the right fit for us. We just adore your work. Our fantastic photographer, Etienne Laine, also told us you had worked together. His work is brilliant and we felt you two were the perfect fit for us.

The proposal…Tell me everything!

We were on the first day of our trip to Zanzibar staying at a beautiful place on the beach. We’d had a lazy day by the pool, had a few beers and were sat on our balcony for sunset. Sat there as the sun was setting, drinking wine out of tumblers, still in our beach gear, I was telling Ben how lucky I was to have him and how lucky we were that we’d found each other. I think I started to steal some of his lines… and turned to Ben, who then asked if I’d make him the happiest man in the world. I innocently said yes, thinking it was just a nice chatty question. Before I knew it, Ben had gotten THE most beautiful ring out of the pocket of his swim shorts and was saying some lovely things and asking me to marry him. The tears started and didn’t really stop and Ben had to double check on whether all the tears meant yes – and of course they did 🙂 We then spent the night drinking champagne (LOTS) calling our family and friends, ordering room service (twice) and just being SO EXCITED! The next day, Ben got me to pack an overnight bag and the surprises just kept coming – we went off to the beautiful island of Mnemba which will forever remain our special place – an island with just 28 guests where you have your own butler, sleep in the most beautiful Banda with no windows or doors, fizz on demand, have dinner under the stars and can swim with dolphins. Heaven! (you have to go).

What experience do you want to give your guests?

A relaxed and fun one, with a few little surprises thrown in! We’re so excited that so many people have travelled to celebrate our special day with us and we want to ensure that everyone just has the best time, and that we get to be relaxed and in amongst all of the action and celebrations!

You guys…What do you do?…How do you spend your days?…Whats important in life?

Ben works in sponsorship and Leah works in digital marketing, both living in Dubai. We work hard but play hard too, love spending time with our friends, having nice dinners, going on date days/nights together, drinking rosé in the sunshine. We both love to exercise (which is fortunate considering the weekend indulgences!) with Ben being the main motivator in all of that! We try not to take life too seriously and believe that everything happens for a reason and good things happen to good people.

I really hope you enjoyed my work here in Guernsey. If you are having a wedding abroad then let me know. My passport is ready!