Emma + Luke


Why do you want to capture your Great Tythe Barn wedding?

Growing up my parents while constantly documenting our lives through photos and videos which have amounted to hours and hours of footage. We all treasure our stockpile of home movies, both as records of our adventures and looking back at family members who have passed. Getting our wedding recorded on video just seemed like a logical choice.

Why did you pick us to film your wedding at The Great Tythe Barn?

After viewing your previous client videos we really liked your style and your friendly and upfront attitude over the phone filled us with confidence in booking you.

You guys…What do you do?…How do you spend your days?…Whats important in life?

Both Luke and I work for a video games company in the North East so naturally we play a lot of video games when we have the time. We both LOVE Dungeons and Dragons, playing three times a week on a good week, and painting the miniatures for that. Reading, drawing, baking and a bit of gardening. We both love food and finding new breakfast places is a thrill for the both of us.

The proposal…Tell me everything! (All the gushy details)

The scene: My birthday in February and I am having a mandatory lie in. Luke made me a delicious pancake breakfast which I ate with gusto. He then proceeded to give me the birthday presents which I opened and was steeling myself to get out of bed finally. Before I could Luke says “I have one more present for you but you have to close you eyes and hold out your hand.” As I did as instructed I remember thinking, “This is either a puppy or a proposal, and whats in my hands in not wiggling.” And so I opened my eyes, swore, cried and said yes!

Why a Great Tythe Barn wedding over anywhere else?

We always knew we wanted a barn wedding and for it to be fairly country based. I also have a massive family and knew it would be better to have somewhere that had on site accommodation. These criteria narrowed down our choices quite a bit. Initially we looked around us and closer to our parents but found nothing that fit our requirements. Looking further a field we found more options. The Great Tythe Barn was very out of the way for us but only 2 hours away from our parents homes. In addition to fitting our needs the barn was beautiful and the staff were amazing during our viewing.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

One of the things we heard the most while researching things was that guests remember the food and band the most, so we set out to give our guests the best of those. We’ve attended weddings in the past as evening guests and felt very tacked on and unnecessary. We really wanted to avoid doing this to our guests so we invited everyone to the main event with no evening guests. Ultimately if they are important enough to us to be invited, we wanted everyone who came to have a great time.