Paige + George



Why do you want to capture your Lapstone Barn wedding?

We wanted to be able to look back at our Lapstone Barn wedding video in 10, 20, 50 years from now and still remember the best day, and get all the beautiful details of the day as well as all the amazing speeches.

Why did you pick us to film your wedding at Lapstone Barn?

Your website and all the example films just drew us straight in, and your look was so similar to the look we were going for with our photographer. I love the realness of the lighting and the fact that the films aren’t just a film but a work of art that can be enjoyed forever.

You guys…What do you do?…How do you spend your days?…Whats important in life?

We are both engineers. George is an avid golfer and Paige is an avid crossfit athlete. We both enjoy food and drinks and Paige can’t get enough of subscription boxes.

The proposal…Tell me everything! (All the gushy details)

We went out to the Peak District to walk Stanage Edge and we were walking along watching all the people paragliding and we sat on a rock along the cliff side. I started talking about my friends who got engaged while skydiving (the guy wrote “marry me?” On the ground) and I was talking about how I wouldn’t want to have anything so extravagant – clearly hinting!

Then George said “Oh that’s great because I have this here for you”. Low and behold George pulled a ring out of his pocket! His mother had given him her engagement ring to give to me and I couldn’t believe it! Later on, George designed and ordered my own engagement ring, and I will always treasure both! July 15th 2018.

Why a Lapstone Barn wedding over anywhere else?

We wanted to be married in the Cotswolds as George grew up very nearby in Broom, near Stratford upon Avon! Lapstone was actually the first place I found online and I fell in love immediately! I was actually studying abroad in Vienna at the time so as soon as I called and found out they had a date open for the Summer of 2019, I had my mother in law to be go and check it out and booked the venue immediately!

What experience do you want to give your guests?

We wanted our guests to have the most relaxing day, with amazing food and drinks and a beautiful venue! Especially with half of our guests coming over from America, a quintessentially English wedding was the desire! If I do say so myself, it was the best wedding I’d ever been to – the food, decor, and guests were perfect!