Lapstone Barn Wedding Cotswolds

Olivia grew up in the Cotswolds and wanted a picturesque venue/village for all the guests to visit and enjoy her wedding in the cotswolds. Daryl is from New Zealand and we really wanted to host his family and friends in a beautiful and picturesque location. Lapstone Barn is a beautiful venue and we liked the idea of having our ceremony and reception in the same place to make it simple for our guests. The grounds are a perfect setting for Wedding Videography Cotswolds also.

Why did you want to capture your Lapstone Barn Wedding on Video?

We chose Rolling Film to capture our film our video because we fell in love with your style and lovely feel of your films. We knew instantly that we wanted you to film our special day. We knew that you had also worked with our incredible photographer, Katrina Bartlam, and your styles and personalities suited us so well. Having our wedding in The Cotswolds films was a big deal for us as a lot of our family couldn’t make the trip due to many living around the world. It is the perfect keepsake for us to remember the day by and also show the family and friends our Lapstone Barn Wedding that couldn’t make it.

The proposal…Tell me everything!

We were on holiday in the Amalfi Coast staying in a beautiful hotel which overlooked Positano. A few days into our stay we decided to explore and go for a long coastal walk called The Path of the Gods. Just as Just as we were coming to the end of the walk Daryl got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked but instantly said yes. It was the most perfect moment and the setting made it all the more special. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

You guys…What do you do?…How do you spend your days?…Whats important in life?

We both live in London and spend our time together eating out and hiking out in the countryside. Travel and holidays are a big passion of ours and even better when we get to spend those times with family and friends. With Daryl’s family living in New Zealand it is always a good excuse for us to visit them and spend some time there. With our busy work lives it is important to us to spend as much time with each other when we can. Sport is big for us, especially Daryl, who spends a lot of time playing football, cricket and golf.

I hope you enjoyed my film here at Lapstone Barn. If you are getting married here soon then let me know, I cant wait to meet you!