Charlotte + Keir

Why do you want to capture your Cripps Barn wedding?

We did think hard about this and ultimately decided we wanted to be able to remember the day through the power of moving picture and audio and therefore bring memories to life. We also have two young children who were involved with the wedding and we wanted both to capture them at that young age and also provide them with a video they will always be able to watch.

Why did you pick us to film your wedding at Cripps Barn?

We loved the look of your style, the reportage element of it and how friendly and approachable you were. After the intial phone conversation we were sure! We had a particular story we wanted to tell about how we got together which was important for us to share. We wanted someone filming our wedding who was the right person to capture that and it was Ryan.

You guys…What do you do?…How do you spend your days?…Whats important in life?

Charlotte is a Broadcast Journalist for a national television channel and Keir is a teacher. We got together in a whirlwind romance after both experiencing a few tough years. We love to spend our days with the children, outside in nature when possible and learning new things. Friends and family are the most important things to us and finding time to relax!

The proposal…Tell me everything! (All the gushy details)

It was a year to the day we first went on a date after being set up by a mutual friend – we were both single parents and hit it off straight away. We decided to return to the same pub we met at for a drink and low and behold Keir got down on one knee and delivered a beautiful diamond ring alongside the bloody mary cocktail! We were married a year later.

Why a Cripps Barn wedding over anywhere else?

Cripps Barn is just so beautiful. We knew we wanted to get married at a barn and this was the first we looked at – and we didn’t need to visit any others! It has it all and the staff are very friendly and professional. We were so lucky with the weather and the light, it was truly magical.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

An intimate service where we would share our love with those people we loved the most. These were our nearest and dearest and we wanted them to be there to help celebrate our journey and also have a huge big party! The focus was on hope and second chances. It was a wedding for us, but also cementing our new family.